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Three Inexpensive Revenue Ideas You Can Launch this Month

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Ideas to boost your magazine or newspaper bottom line.

As newspaper and magazine publishers you are constantly innovating and adapting.

Here are three ways you can help your clients and your bottom line this month using KOPCO’s high quality, short, digital press runs that are now a low-cost option to expand your advertising offerings.


When designed well, postcards are a great option for an advertiser to stand out.

Postcards can deliver a high impact message, and Kopco offers quality, low-cost options for direct mail postcards:

Here are pricing examples so you can calculate your potential ROI:

A 5.5 in. x 8.5 in. postcard with full color on both sides starts at about 16¢ each.

1,000 quantity: $115*

5,000 quantity: $550*

10,000 quantity: $1,100*

Bonus ideas to offer your advertiser:

  1. Offer your advertiser a press overrun of their high impact postcard that they can send out to their list or we can take care of the mailing for you on their behalf. All we need is their mailing list. We can even offer mail tracking so you and your customer knows when their mail is delivered. This provides you an opportunity at a new revenue stream with very little additional effort.

  2. Further leverage your mail list by offering a supplemental mailing separate from your publication. Research shows a personalized piece of mail that directly addresses the recipient is much more effective than one that is generic. With our digital presses using variable data we can personalize the messaging to the recipient. All we need is an Excel or .csv file.

  3. Offer your advertiser a targeted mailing list either by purchasing a list or saturating their postal zone.

Three industries that would be a great fit right now:

  1. Tax preparers With stimulus money, CARES Act funding, and PPP loans many people are concerned about their tax liabilities. Tax preparers will be looking for individuals and small business owners who have always done their own taxes but are cautious this year.

  2. Pets, Pets, Pets! This is an industry that continues to grow. Nearly 70% of American households with at least one pet.

  3. Wedding services including photographers, florists and caterers. It’s the season when a lot of brides-to-be are selecting their wedding vendors. Help them stand out from the crowd!

Custom Covers

Options such as a wrap or a second cover of your publication can help your advertiser stand out like never before (we can provide samples of each). For example, with Mother’s Day right around the corner, imagine a glossy four-page cover featuring a local jeweler with beautiful imagery and high impact messaging. Kopco can also personalize these custom covers with our digital printing technology. Every prospect can receive a personalized message such as “[First Name], pick out a special piece today!” Your subscribers feel special while benefitting your advertiser with big cover impact.

Bonus tip: Jewelers often have access to co-op marketing dollars!

A 12 in. x 18 in., four-page cover, 4/4 on 100# gloss cover is a very cost effective way to help your advertiser stand out while charging a premium advertising rate:

250 quantity: $125*

500 quantity: $250*

1,000 quantity: $500*

Special Glossy Publication

Small communities love school sports! Round up highlights from your annual school sports coverage for a 2021 Sports Yearbook. Advertisers who cater to parents or teens would love to be a part of a keepsake publication.

Bonus Idea: Sell premium editions to parents of seniors or booster clubs. Using KOPCO’s variable data technology, we can switch out text and photos on the cover to feature each student athlete or team!

A 8.5 in. x 11 in., 32-page on 70# gloss text allows you so many revenue opportunities:

100 quantity: $235*

250 quantity: $585*

500 quantity: $1,175*

KOPCO is a web and digital press printer offering full-service in-house mail fulfillment, bindery and finishing. KOPCO prides itself on extending low prices, high quality and shortened lead times to its customers anywhere in the continental United States. KOPCO is a printing impressions Top 400 Printers in the United States.

*Variable data is a $40 minimum charge at $80 per hour charge for setup (prorated) and is not included in these prices. Customer must supply data files for variable data. All prices listed vary depending on paper stock. Pricing does not include shipping. Custom quotes available.

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